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Korets Holy Trinity Monastery

Korets Holy Trinity Stauropegion Convent Monastery-Fortress It is an outstanding architectural ensemble of Korets.
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Korets Holy Trinity Monastery

Korets Holy Trinity Stauropegion Convent Monastery-Fortress It is an outstanding architectural ensemble of Korets.

Located in the central part of the city. Initially, it was a Franciscan monastery founded in 1620 by Prince Jan-Karol Korecki, a castellan from Volyn. In 1830 the monastery was abolished and the building was transferred to the Orthodox Church. The Holy Trinity Convent Monastery was founded here. The complex includes the Trinity Church, cells with a refectory, a warm church and a bell tower.

The dominant feature of the complex is the Trinity Church because the monastery buildings are united into a single ensemble around it. The church is a three-nave brick four-storey building with a semicircular apse. The cells look like two-storey corridor-type buildings with a one-sided arrangement of premises. The bell tower is made of brick, three-tiered, decorated with the use of numerous kokoshniks, columns and belts.

The architecture of the monastery complex reflects the characteristic features of Ukrainian art of the XVII-XVIII centuries and its relationship with Moscow architecture.

The main building of the monastery was a rectangular basilica church. Four square pillars divide the main volume into three naves. In the 19th century, when the building was transferred to the ownership of the Orthodox Church, the church was also rebuilt. The superimposed lateral naves are disproportionate ""five-headed"". Baroque decoration of facades has been preserved. Characteristic feature of Catholic monastery construction is the location of the L-shaped building, which is adjacent at right angles to the western part of the northern facade of the church. The bell tower is three-tiered, the first two tiers are square and the upper is octagonal. The Church of St. John the Baptist was built near the Orthodox monastery. A small one-story temple attached to the eastern end of the main cell building. The monastery occupied a fairly good strategic place located on top of a small hill and protected from the south by a pond and from the west by a swampy meadow. There was a deep ditch to the north and east which was filled with water from the pond if necessary. A wooden bridge led across the moat to the monastery. There is an earthen embankment now. The stone wall surrounded the perimeter of the monastery. The walls were originally completed with cogs. There was a wooden gallery inside. Separate sections of the wall have been preserved nowadays: the northern part and the southern part, 60 and 50 m respectively, 3-4 m high, 1.5 m thick. The entrance to the monastery was through a five-tiered bell tower. The first tier looked like a rectangle 14x10.4 m, the fourth floor contained 14 shooting ranges, the fifth floor was added much later in the 1840s, and there were bells. In the XV century, the height of the four-tiered tower reached 18 m.

Warm (summer) Church of St. John the Baptist

Built in 1890. It is located in the northern part of the monastery merged with the cells.


They began to build them simultaneously with the monastery. The body of the cells in plan resembles the letter ""L"". Initially, the cells were one-story. In the eighteenth century, a second floor was added above them. Today they are the only ones of all the buildings of the monastery which have hardly changed their original appearance.

Gate bell tower

Standing above the main monastery entrance gate and the facade faces south. Built in 1905.

Cells of the Resurrection Monastery

Located on the right bank of Korchyk River, 300 meters north of the castle ruins. Built in 1764-1767 in the late Baroque style.

These cells are the only ones left from the Resurrection Monastery, which construction started in 1571 by Prince Yahim Koretskyi. Until 1616 the monastery was Orthodox, then belonged to the Greek Catholic Order of the Basilian Fathers. Only the decor on the eastern facade of the building of the unique architectural features has survived. In the 90s of the twentieth century, the Holy Trinity Monastery undertook the restoration of the remains of the Resurrection Monastery which in Soviet times housed the warehouses of the district consumer union.

Area: 5.9 hectares.

Property: Stauropean, that is belongs directly to the Patriarch of Moscow.


The city of Korets is located near the international route M-06 Kyiv - Chop. Distance from Kiev - 252 km. The Holy Trinity Stauropean Convent is 2 km from Kyiv-Chop. You can get to Korets by regular buses and minibuses that go from Kyiv to Rivne, Lutsk, Dubno, Ternopil, Lviv. From the bus stations of Rivne and Novograd-Volynskyi, minibuses to Korets go with an interval from 10 minutes to 30 minutes and stop in front of the monastery.

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