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St. Catherine's Cathedral

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Kherson region, Perekopska Street, 13

46.6389429 | 32.623202



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Forts, castles, palaces

Kherson fortress

13 Perekopska street, Kherson

Natural objects and reserves

Shevchenko Park


Other architectural attractions

Kherson Regional Academic Music and Drama Theater named after Mykola Kulish

Teatralna Street, 7

Natural objects and reserves

Monument to the first shipbuilders

Ushakov Avenue, 137


Kherson Regional Museum of Local Lore

Soborna Street, 9


Kherson Regional Art Museum named after Aleksey Shovkunenko

улица Соборная, 34

Churches, monasteries, sights of pilgrimage

Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Suvorova Street, 40

Churches, monasteries, sights of pilgrimage

St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral

street Lomonosova, 63A

Natural objects and reserves

Bilohrudiv Island

Kherson region

Where to eat?

City cafe

GodShot coffee

Richelevskaya Street, 12, Kherson

City cafe

Tourist coffee house KhersON

Suvorova Street, 8

Where to stay?


Yacht Club Maxmarine - Ukraine

ave. Dniprovsky, 44-a, Nova Kakhovka

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