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₴ 400 - 600

Delicious Odessa (Odessa Gastronomic tour)

Odessa’s cuisine has absorbed all tastes and flavours of the Greek, Moldavian, Ukrainian, Polish, Jewish, German, Italian and French nations … Exactly as many peoples inhabited this southern port city, so many hundreds of recipes have been stored in a cookbook called ODESSA. Help yourself with all these dishes and put down the recipes you enjoy most!

Special regional Bessarabian platsindi with the local wine in the oldest drinking establishment of “Pre-Odessa” times; the Beer menu of the legendary “Gambrinus” restaurant; traditional snacks of the Soviet times in “Tulka” café.
And many stories about where Pushkin was drinking, what Babel was eating, where Chukovsky’s and Bunin’s favorite Beerhouse was, where the wealthy citizens hung out and what poor dockers used to have for lunch.

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Tour details
  • City: Odesa
  • Duration : 2 hours
  • Number of people : 15 - 25
  • Price per person : 400.00 UAH 600.00 UAH

+380 (04) 870-06-05

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